Little Bears Day Nursery and Pre school (Newbury)

At Little Bears we believe children are amazing. We also believe that the formative years are very important in laying the foundations for success in future life. Our ethos is that every child should be supported to be the best they can be. We strive to forge strong partnerships with parents because we subscribe to the view parents are the most enduring educators of children.


We work hard to provide good quality care so that children can grow and thrive. We follow individual routines for babies to provide continuity with their care at home. We ensure they feel safe, happy and loved. We also help them to learn to sit, crawl, walk and talk.


We provide an exciting range of activities so that children can have fun.  Babies often paint and do cooking.  Children in Pre school

  • learn French  
  • are coached in sports by a professional sports coach
  • undertake science activities such as building  models of volcanoes
  • learn about the solar system
  • our maths teaching enables children to indentify 3D shapes such as cuboids and triangular prisms.



Our team is highly qualified, 90% of the team has a Level 3 qualification in Childcare. Ofsted requirements are that the Manager and the Room Managers must have Level 3 qualifications and half of the team must be qualified to Level 2.  We also provide a professional development programme so staff can continue to improve their knowledge and skills.

Ofsted report

We were inspected in May 2014 and were graded as good across all areas, set out are quotes from the report:


Teaching is strong and enables all children to make good or better progress across all areas of learning. Staff plan a rich variety of activities to support young babies and young children in their learning. In pre school teaching is clear, well-paced and sharp showing an in-depth understanding of children’s overall and specific needs.


Children are happy, confident and enjoy their time in this welcoming and friendly nursery.


Staff support children to feel extremely secure and comfortable by having very close relationships with them.


Children behave well throughout the nursery because they are engaged and always active in their play. Children form strong and secure emotional attachments with others, which provides a solid foundation to develop their personal, social and emotional skills.


sensitive, caring interactions ensure that all children are happy and settled and form positive and relationships with staff and each other

The nursery is well resourced and children have access to a stimulating environment in which to play and learn


Children are well nourished because they are provided with a good range of nutritious foods, freshly prepared on site.




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